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Cruncho Events is your all-in-one solution for professional event management. Developed for easy use with functionality that organizers, visitors and you as an admin will love.

All the tools you need to make event management easy

  Event Manager

Simplify your workflow with Cruncho's Event Manager, enabling creation, editing and publishing of events in no time.

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  Event Content

Invite event organizers to add their own events or let us collect them for you from local and global APls.

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  Booking & Ticketing

Seamlessly offer best in class booking &  ticketing options to your local partners and event organizers.

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  API & iFrame

Integrate the Cruncho Events API or directly embed the calendar's user interface as an iFrame on your website.

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The future of event management is here

 Network of event calendars

Easily publish your events across multiple websites simultaneously with the Event Calendar Constellation feature. Manage postings through one centralized Event Manager and amplify your reach effortlessly.

 Multiple administration roles

Streamline team collaboration by easily assigning and managing various administrative roles, including organizer, trusted organizer, moderator, and administrator, to enhance control and efficiency.

 Image handling

Seamlessly manage images with the comprehensive picture management feature. Upload your own photos, download from Unsplash, and crop images for tailored customization, all through one powerful tool. Elevate your visual content effortlessly.

 Facebook prefill & templates

Easily import event details with the Facebook Events Prefill feature, or select from customizable templates for quick event setup.


Enhance event management with the RSVP feature, allowing attendees to confirm their presence directly through your calendar, simplifying guest tracking and engagement.

 Carousel Widget

Elevate user experience by integrating customizable carousel widget iFrames on your website, enhancing event discovery and engaging your audience effectively.

Features you and event organizers will love

Onsite, online, hybrid events
Network of multiple calendars
Recurring events
Event sourcing
Facebook prefill
Pictures online library
Picture cropping
Video support
Carousel widget
Local API integration
Price display
History logbook
Email notification system
Event preview
4 organizer roles
Smart filtering options
Unlimited organizer accounts
Unlimited organizer groups
Various integrations (iframe, self-hosted, API)
Customized categories
Calendar branding
Unlimited templates
13 platform languages
Event listing printing
Cruncho Quiz
Monthly analytics
Ticketing & payment options
Premium support
Highlighting options (labels, sponsor, featured)
Anna P.
Supervising Multiple Calendars

I easily manage multiple event calendars across the city using Cruncho Events. The platform streamlines the synchronization and updating of various calendars, ensuring that every event is accurate and current. This has significantly simplified my city-wide event management tasks."

Oscar H.
Event Organizer Seeking a Backend System

As an event organizer, I found the perfect backend solution in Cruncho Events. It has streamlined the way we manage our events from start to finish. With features like automated scheduling, seamless ticket sales, and real-time updates, we've drastically reduced our administrative workload. This efficiency allows us to focus more on creating unforgettable experiences for attendees, while maintaining excellent control and oversight over every event detail.

Marianne T.
Coordinating Events Across Multiple Neighboring Cities

Managing events across multiple neighboring cities previously strained our budget due to logistical complexities. With Cruncho Events, we've centralized our event management, which has significantly reduced overhead costs. Uniform scheduling and synchronized updates across all locations ensure consistent event quality and streamlined operations, dramatically enhancing our budget efficiency and boosting regional tourism and community engagement.


The Event Manager by Cruncho is the go-to hub for local organizers to showcase their events. Plus, we can enrich your calendar by sourcing hundreds of events through our curated local and global APIs.

Already linked with Ticketmaster, Songkick, Eventim, Reservix, Kultunaut, Kaxig, OSEmedia, Ringbillet, TicketCo, Vast Sverige and DataTourisme, our platform integrates a wide array of global and local event APIs. Your suggestions for new API connections are always encouraged.

Unlock the power of Cruncho Events and revolutionize your event management.

Booking & Ticketing

Optimize your event management with our Booking & Ticketing feature. Simplify the ticket sales process, manage bookings efficiently, and enhance the attendee experience.


Streamline your event registration with our intuitive booking system. Ensure smooth attendee management and provide a hassle-free signup experience, setting the stage for successful events.


Maximize event attendance and revenue with our seamless ticketing solution. Offer a variety of ticket types and pricing options, enabling easy and secure transactions for every event.

Integration via API or iFrame

Seamlessly integrate Cruncho’s robust event management tools with our flexible API for deep integration or opt for quick embedding via iFrame, ensuring a streamlined and efficient digital experience.

Events API

Make Cruncho Events your backend system, feeding events into your existing user interface.

Effortlessly incorporate Cruncho's Events API for smooth and streamlined event management, engineered for effortless integration and peak performance, and unlock the full potential of your Event manager.

iFrame User Interface

Embed our event calendar user interface as an iFrame on your website in less than 5 minutes.                                                  

Enhance your visitors' experience with Cruncho's user-friendly interface, designed for effortless navigation and interaction, ensuring a seamless and engaging event exploration journey.

Features your website visitors will love

User-friendly interface
Intuitive calendar
Smart filtering options
Map search
Highlighting options
Advanced display algorithms
Carousel widget
Create account
Save your favourites
Onsite, online and hybrid events
Detailed information
RSVP form
Email notifications
Ticketing options

See Cruncho Events™ live

Carousel Widget

Engage and captivate your audience with dynamic, contextual content displayed through an elegant carousel widget. Enhance navigation, boost content visibility, and provide a seamless user experience without the need for complex development—just a simple line of code for easy CMS integration.

event management


Engaging Content
Offer useful and relevant content that prompts user action on any webpage.

Traffic Navigation
Direct visitors to your event calendar organically and efficiently.

Content Customization

Customized Display
Feature various event categories, venues or geographic areas in the carousel.

Dynamic or Static
Choose between static or rolling event recommendations.

Brand Alignment
Tailor the display text to resonate with your brand message.

Integration and Flexibility

No-Code Setup
Easily insert our provided code snippet into your CMS with no extra development.

The horizontal widget doesn't interfere with vertical ad spaces.

Responsive Design
Ensure a consistent user experience across all devices.

Unlimited Widgets
Utilize multiple carousels to diversify and enrich site content.

Benefits you can expect from Cruncho Events

multiple roles
event sourcing
smart calendar
image handling

How they have grown their events business

"We selected Cruncho Events for its scalable and efficient event calendar capabilities. The Cruncho team has demonstrated remarkable flexibility and attentiveness to our specific needs, responding swiftly to our inquiries. Being involved in the product development from its early stages, we are confident in using this solution well into the future."

Marcus Andreasson
Destination Halmstad

"Our partnership with Cruncho has been extremely satisfying. Right from our initial interaction, the team has shown immense flexibility and a solutions-driven approach. They are responsive, receptive to new ideas, and methodically deliver innovative features. Cruncho's robust technology and dedicated team significantly enhance our ability to serve our event organizers effectively, benefiting both our local community and visitors."

Amanda Petterson
Lund's Municipality

"Cruncho has revolutionized our website by enabling a personalized user experience that covers every phase of the travel journey, from discovery through planning, booking, and sharing. Additionally, Cruncho's analytical capabilities deliver in-depth reports on user behavior, providing crucial insights into what visitors find most appealing about our city. This allows us to refine our online marketing strategies effectively."

Anna Ekstrom
Visit Stockholm

"Cruncho and the 15 tourism organisations in Skaraborg has made an inspiring development journey together. We have investigated the possibilities to use Cruncho as a common window for our region and also to include the content of the regional website into our Cruncho site. We have learnt a lot together and the Cruncho team has been very responsive to our wishes and needs. Thanks for good co-operation!"

Charlotte Backman
Visit Skaraborg

"Cruncho expertly curates and maintains our event listings, allowing us to allocate resources toward enhancing our editorial content. This approach motivates local event organizers to actively manage their digital promotions, significantly boosting our city's online appeal and overall presence."

Niklas Wahlqvist
Destination Uppsala

"Cruncho has proven to be an invaluable SaaS partner, providing a comprehensive platform tailored to the needs of travelers, bloggers, and visitors. Their customer-centric approach offers limitless possibilities, making it an excellent choice for enhancing travel and destination websites. With Cruncho, we easily provide rich content and features that not only increase conversions but also encourage repeat visits."

Andy Efstathiou
Visit Rhodes

"Cruncho, along with the 15 tourism organizations of Skaraborg, embarked on an exciting development journey. We utilized Cruncho as a unified showcase for our region and integrated content from the regional website into our Cruncho platform. Throughout this process, we gained valuable insights, and the Cruncho team was exceptionally attentive to our requests and requirements. We're grateful for the effective collaboration!"

Charlotte Backman
Visit Skaraborg

"We chose Cruncho Events because we needed a simple, but scalable, event calendar solution. As for the Cruncho team, they have been flexible and keen to listen to our needs and they always respond promptly to inquiries. We have been part of the product development from an early stage, and we feel that we will be able to use this solution for a long time to come."

Marcus Andreasson
Destination Halmstad

"We are very happy about our collaboration with Cruncho. From our first meeting, the team has been very flexible and solution-oriented. They are attentive, open to new ideas and work in a structured way to deliver innovative features and solutions. Cruncho's team and technology make it easier for us to do a good job for our event organizers and ultimately for both our locals and visitors."

Amanda Petterson
Lund's Municipality

We are committed to respecting and protecting your privacy. Our personal data compliant procedures ensure that we handle your data responsibly. We collect only the necessary information, use it for the intended purposes, and store it securely. Cruncho's full commitment to personal data compliance means you can trust us with your data.

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We are dedicated to providing a universally accessible experience for all users. We work diligently to ensure that our platforms are easy to navigate for everyone, regardless of ability or circumstance. We follow best practices for web design and continually update our platforms to meet or exceed accessibility standards.

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Our solutions are lovingly crafted at our Stockholm office, where each line of code is a testament to our team's dedication and expertise. Using state-of-the-art technologies like Express JS, Typescript, React, MongoDB, and Elastic Search, we ensure our products are not only advanced but also infused with passion and precision.

Unlock the power of Cruncho Events and revolutionize your event management.