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Cruncho is seeking an experienced Full Stack Developer with leadership skills and a passion for end-to-end development.

Embark on a tech odyssey with Dream Troopers AB – Cruncho!

Established in the bustling hub of Stockholm in 2015, Cruncho emerges as a trailblazing tech powerhouse. We specialize in crafting top-notch SaaS event calendars and hyperlocal urban guides, serving municipalities, destination enthusiasts, and local media.

Picture this: a world where your journey is guided by personalized suggestions for travel, leisure, and captivating events. This is what drives us.

Our reach spans 11 countries, with Sweden leading the way. But there’s more—our innovation extends to a new platform, connecting wellness, alternative healing, and personal growth seekers with practitioners, mentors, and like-minded individuals, all powered by our advanced tech.

And now, the spotlight is on you. Cruncho is seeking an experienced Full Stack Developer with leadership skills and a passion for end-to-end development. Joining a close-knit team of 4 Full Stack Developers, 1 DevOps pro, and a visionary CTO, you’ll collaborate closely with the CEO and Business Development team to shape our in-house projects.

In this dynamic environment, your impact on Cruncho’s success story is clear, enhancing your own career journey in the process. Step into a realm of endless innovation where your talents can truly shine.

Roles & Responsibilities

●      Development planning in collaboration with the tech team

●      Continuous development and maintenance of Cruncho’s frontend and backend apps - including a city guide and its CMS, an event calendar with its event manager, a quiz feature and an admin module.

●      Work with databases and real production data (querying, extracting reports, bulk updates, MongoDB, Elastic Search, etc…)

●      Maintain a consumer-focused outlook and aid in the delivery of projects to market

●      Troubleshoot irregularities and optimize performance

●      Share responsibility of the product as a whole

●      Act as a mentor to team members

Basic Qualifications

●      A minimum of 3 years working hands-on in a development role

●      Prior leadership involvement or a strong inclination to guide and mentor peers

●      Experience with responsive web UI

●      Experience with React JS and Redux

●      Experience with TypeScript, Tailwind CSS and Fastify

●      Experience with document databases

●      Familiarity using Scrum/Agile development methodologies

●      Excellent verbal and written communication

●      Extensive industry knowledge with an eye towards the future

As an individual, you're a proactive self-starter, capable of working with a high degree of independence while actively participating in and guiding a team. Your organizational skills and attention to detail set you apart. You excel in challenging environments, finding joy in hands-on learning and consistently striving for improvement.

Furthermore, your enthusiasm for travel, well-being, and cultural exploration is palpable. You approach life with optimism, coupled with a healthy sense of humor. Your adeptness at fostering trust and cultivating lasting relationships is noteworthy.

Lastly, your proficiency in both spoken and written English is a valuable asset.

Optional/Preferred Qualifications

●      Familiarity with the dynamics of the start-up ecosystem

●      Proficiency in Google Analytics, Simple Analytics or other analytics platforms

●      Expertise in DevOps best practices, including adeptness with Docker containers

●      Skill in web scraping techniques

●      Proficiency in React Native development

●      Basic grasp of UI/UX design principles

●      Aptitude in image editing software such as Figma, Sketch, Photoshop and more

●      Some exposure to or knowledge of AI / Machine Learning concepts.

Moreover, proficiency in additional languages is considered a valuable asset.


●      Engagement with a burgeoning enterprise within an exciting market

●      Access to an exquisite 80m2 private office in Stockholm providing a versatile co-working environment, an integrated yoga/meditation studio, complimentary breakfast offerings, and afterwork gatherings...

●      Embrace of flexible working hours, catering to individual work-life balance

Positions available: 1

Preferred commencement: Immediate

Employment type: Full-time (40 hours per week)

Compensation: commensurate with experience, accompanied by the potential for participation in a stock option program, subject to seniority and further discussion.

Location: occupying a dedicated 80 m2 office within a dynamic business complex, shared with other enterprises, situated in Bromma, Stockholm, Sweden.

To learn more, visit cruncho.com

If you're still engaged and interested, feel free to contact us at hello@cruncho.com

Send along your CV, a brief introduction about yourself, and your reasons for wanting to join our team. Don't hesitate—the recruitment process is ongoing, and we look forward to hearing from you soon!


Experience sharing from our colleagues:

The amazing thing about working at Cruncho is that your ideas really, truly matter. To be involved for the entire development process requires a large serving of personal responsibility and excellent communication skills - but the payoff is huge. Cruncho is exciting, empowering and provides an endless catalyst for personal development, all while being surrounded by a diverse team of brilliant, kind and fun individuals.

Tobias, UX- and Frontend Engineer

“Cruncho is a place where you can put your ambitions and ideas into practice. I’m continuously developing my technical skills as well as how to better integrate my work with UX and business goals. I truly feel that the only limit to my growth is myself. Cruncho is a creative and progressive environment that nurtures talent.”

Anders, Backend Developer and Data Scientist

"When you are part of Cruncho, you are part of a team that consistently works together to produce the best work possible, while also ensuring each individual has the opportunity to grow and learn. The people at Cruncho trust each other inherently to reach the greatest solutions possible, and every idea is truly listened to and heard. This team is full of positivity and ambition, so if you want to grow in the best environment possible, Cruncho is the place for you!"

Romain, Full Stack Developer

"My time at Cruncho was an unforgettable experience. Not only did I grow both personally and professionally, but I also had the opportunity to discover Sweden along the way. At Cruncho, they pay particular attention to the well-being of each individual, which creates an atmosphere filled with good vibes and great energy. Every day was a blessing filled with new challenges and opportunities for creativity. The people at Cruncho work hard and believe in their vision, and given the chance, I’m sure you will too!"

Mathéo, Full Stack Developer

Welcome to Cruncho!

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